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Historical over the PORDI works

Josef Pordi founded his first factory in the year 1904.
Josef was a simple industrial worker and was very interested in the technical innovations. Particularly in automotive manufacturing and the fascinating possibilities pulled him and his sons immediately into its spell. Together they sketched their own automobile.

The first PORDI was a very stable designe and had a close wheel base. Due to the rough terrain at the car-testing area and the wrongly designed differential gear, the first vehicals couldn't be thoroughly tested, since often only one of the front wheels had contact to the soil.

"Pordi hat ein Auto gebaut
Das fährt ein wenig laut
Es ist nicht wasserdicht
Und fährt auch manchmal nicht."
Pordi built a car
That drives a little loud
It's not waterproof
And sometimes doesn't drive at all
Freely after Berthold Brecht

Josef Pordi and his sons were not content thereby, but could not agree however on a solution. Therefore all three of their suggestions were converted.

  • longer wheel base
  • four driven wheels
  • functional differential gear for the drive wheels

With these changes the work and also the number of produced PORDIs grew.
By version P 2, with 4 driven wheels and double differential gear in the following 4 years 51 copies were then manufactured.

... PORDI worked hard to eliminate the discrepancies...

no longer available
  • PORDI     P 2
  • The first new PORDIs was manufactured since 1905 in the own PORDI work in manual work.
  • By the PORDI P 2 altogether were built for 51 pieces.
  • Maximum speed 62.4 km/h
  • The first PORDI did not had large engines, instead simply two of the usual were inserted one behind the other for the front axles.
    • 2x of 2 cylinders, 4 tacts,
    • V-arrangement,
    • 2x 1,005 ccm,
    • approx.. 14 hp (2x 7)
  • Today are still 4 cars kept complete. One belongs to the royally, Saxonian liquidation-assigned seriousness Albert Reinhold S. It can be visited at the traffic museum at Dresden (Johanneum).
    at the moment on Asia tour in Peking

Also during the world war PORDI began to develop a tank. The prototype failed because of the conversion of the special cardan shaft chains, which would have been necessary over several axles for the steering element.

The Nazis captured the factory and converted the prototypes. The guided front wheels were used now only for steering and the remaining tank wheels running in chains for the drive were used. (ACPs)
These vehicles were produced to toward end of the war.

After end of the war the sons of PORDI rebuilt their factory and began with the production of the PORDI P 3.

Today the united PORDI works of Europe consist of eight factories in six countries. PORDI employs altogether 11,500 employees.

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