8 Modelle
Their extras at your PORDI

If you want to buy a PORDI, you can get a whole row of exclusive extras with your car. These are only available at PORDI.

  • PORDI offers the following extras with each car:
  • TGLFTL (the green light for traffic lights)
    With this module during the approach to a red traffic light it is automaticaly switched to green.
    If another PORDI aproaches the same intersection, there will be warning signal. In this case the vehicle independently switches the control of brakes and accelerator to the autopilot, which prevents collisions. After the warning signal expires, you can steer our PORDI manually again.

  • PabeFe (parks with travel end)
    In addition the provided StVO permits you, as PORDI owner, to park your PORDI at the end of your journey for an unlimited period time to park. It also is for parking in the multi-storey car parking lot, and with the baker on the crossing or in the fire-lane entry opposite of the golf course.

  • AAAA (automatic motorway filling up plant)
    PORDI prepares new technology in more than 7000 places in Europe this. In order to use the automatic filling up technology, you drive on a motorway and use, as usual, those furthest on the left of lane present. During approximation to one of the 7000 motorway filling up plants the rear left high pressure filler neck drives itself out automatically and engages in the counterpart at the central guard rail. Within fewer seconds on the next 300 m by high pressure liquid fuel is pressed into the tank. The counterpart at the central guard rail rides along waerend this time on a carriage of the guard rail. If the tank is again full, and/or after at the latest a kilometer, the filler neck drives back into the vehicle. The counterpart folds on the inside of the central guard rail and rolls back for the beginning of the motorway filling up plant around the next PORDI to refuel.

  • SK (barrier converter)
    After change, in one of our autohouses, an update of the firmware of the SK also the central computer (ZC) of the German course AG can be addressed by. To avoid with the help of a direct connection between your PORDI and the ZC of the course AG (by the SK) all courses (inclusive ICE courses) in time before the railroad overpasses continue around collisions with your PORDI. The SK provides besides for the punctual opening of the railway barriers.